5 healthcare marketing ideas to boost Millennial patient acquisition


The way millennials choose their healthcare providers is dramatically different from the generations that came before them. While baby boomers were content to select clinics based on geographical proximity, the same is not true of the younger generation. It’s digital accessibility instead of physical accessibility that appears to be the primary driver in decision-making. If … Read more

What are meta descriptions? And how to get the best out of them!

meta description

If you’ve ever done a search for a website on Google (and who hasn’t?), then you will have come into contact with meta descriptions probably without realising it. What’s A Meta Description? Meta descriptions are the small chunks of text that sit below the page title in search results. So, for instance, suppose you search … Read more

An Introduction To Online Advertising

Online advertising is a whole new world of possibilities for people with businesses, and learning to advertise in this new way can be a challenge. This is especially apparent if you have no prior knowledge of the subject or how it works. But, that is why we have written this article, and by the time … Read more

3 Common Mistakes for Small Healthcare Business Marketing

For this article, I’m going to explore the mistakes that you could be making when promoting your small healthcare business. If you’re not seeing the level of interest in your business that you want or perhaps expected, it’s possible that there is already an issue in your business model. Here’s the good news – these … Read more

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