An Introduction To Online Advertising

Published on 8 August 2019
by HeartBeat Digital Marketing

Online advertising is a whole new world of possibilities for people with businesses, and learning to advertise in this new way can be a challenge. This is especially apparent if you have no prior knowledge of the subject or how it works. But, that is why we have written this article, and by the time you have finished reading you are going to know some of the best ways to advertise online right now so that the most people see your business! Keep reading to find out how to do this, and some of the best platforms that you should use.

Why Advertise On Google?

Paid ads on google are a great way of achieving traffic growth quickly. Organic traffic can take time to build up whereas Paid Ads can put you on the front page of Google immediately. Even if you have good organic search results it can be worthwhile to invest in Google Ads. Google Ads show potential customers that you are serious about your business and there is strong evidence to suggest users are more likely to click on organic search results which are supported by paid ads.

The algorithm for Google is constantly evolving, meaning that they are displaying the most relevant search results and ads as possible, which is where you want your ad to be popping up. This is going to be suitable for all kinds of businesses whether they are big or small, and in every single industry. You will find that the traffic that comes to your website from Google will be largely high-quality leads that are likely to boost your conversion rate.

Why Advertise On Facebook?

If you are looking to reach a certain audience, then Facebook ads could be the platform that you need to market yourself. This is the most targeted form of marketing out there, and you have the ability to advertise to certain groups of people such as age, gender, behaviour, and location! So, if you know your customer base well, and you know the type of people who are generally looking at your business and using your services, then Facebook ads are going to be a great help to you.

Another reason that you should be using Facebook ads is that your customers are probably all on there. If not all, then a lot of them sure are, and they are likely spending around 80% of their time surfing, looking for new memes and news updates. Facebook ads appear either in the corner of the screen or right there on their timeline as they are scrolling, so it is sure to catch their attention. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get them heading to your website because you are not in the same place that they are.


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