3 SEO Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research

Published on 8 August 2019
by HeartBeat Digital Marketing
seo keyword research

If you are looking for ways to improve your keyword research, then you have come to the right place because down below we are going to be looking at three SEO tips that will help you to improve in this area. Keywords play a vital role when it comes to allowing people to find you online as there are so many search results for each engine to filter through, but one has to come out on top, and of course, you want that to be your company. So, how can you improve your keyword research?

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

One of the places that a lot of companies go wrong is keyword stuffing. Adding any and all keywords that you can think of is not a good thing to do, and it can often be misleading to the customer about what your business actually does. This is a big no-no when it comes to the online marketing world, and you need to go with the general rule of less is more. You want to be looking for a few specific keywords that are relevant to your business and the services that you offer, rather than having about one hundred that are barely even related to your company at all. And how specific should you be? For example, imagine you are a hand therapist – Do you want to target scaphoid treatment? Or scaphoid fracture treatment?

Even if they are good keywords, putting them in every sentence is too much and will cause your business to suffer. Keywords need to be implemented naturally so that they don’t look out of place.

Get Your H1 Tags Right

Make sure each of your pages only contain one H1 tag. H1 tags are an important and often overlooked Google ranking factor. The tag isn’t just for formatting purposes, it is there to tell Google exactly what your page is about. So if you have multiple H1 tags Google can get confused and your rankings can suffer. For example; imagine you have a page on your website which is about your podiatry service, your H1 tag should be something like this: Podiatry. Easy right? And then the content which follows on can be broken up into sections using H2 tags as sub headings.

Use The Right Keywords

Finally, you need to be using the right keywords. Short tail keywords and comprehensive words might seem like the more attractive option to you because they are usually searched for in a higher volume, but they are also very competitive. Whereas if you use long-tail keywords, you will attract more people who are looking for a combination of the words that you have used. It’s all about finding the words that are searched for regularly but are not so common that all the other companies in your industry are also targeting them in their content. For example, would you use “flu vaccine services” for the business Australian Vaccine Services? Or would you use “Workplace flu vaccinations“?  The answer is the latter, as the business specifically offers workplace, or corporate flu vaccinations.

You should also look into location-based keywords as these could be helpful in finding customers local to you. If someone is looking for a local service, having your content enhanced with location-based keywords is going to put you right at the top of the list.

Hopefully, you will use this advice to help you improve your keyword research, and you will expand your customer base in no time.

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