Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Session

Published on 15 February 2023
by HeartBeat Digital Marketing
Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Sessions can often be worth their weight in gold, but how do they work?
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A comprehensive in-depth analysis of a website’s performance and user interactions.


Valuable insights that help:

  • Optimise effectiveness
  • Discover opportunities
  • Weed out problems (eg. broken links, slow loading pages)
  • Evaluate the website’s current performance
  • Make data-based decisions on short and long term goals


Ultimately, the aim is to increase business through the website and set it up to continue to do so.

What these sessions typically involve:

Data Collection and Preparation
The first step involves gathering relevant data from various sources such as website analytics tools like SERP rankings, keyword analysis, and more.

This data is then organised and presented for analysis.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified, such as website traffic, page views, bounce rates, conversion rates, click-through rates, and more.

These metrics provide insights into the overall health of the website and its ability to achieve its goals.

User Behaviour Analysis*
The session delves into user behaviour on the website, studying how users navigate through different pages, where they drop off, which pages are most visited, and how they interact with various elements like buttons and forms.

This stage helps in unlocking new opportunities, and weeding out problems that hinder revenue generation.

Conversion Analysis
With specific conversion goals (such as sales, sign-ups, or downloads), the analysis focuses on understanding the visitor journey.

This helps identify potential barriers or friction points that may hinder users from completing desired actions.

To make interpretation clearer, data is segmented based on various factors such as traffic sources, user demographics, devices used, and more.

Segmentation allows for a deeper understanding of how different user groups interact with the website.

User Experience Evaluation
This phase assesses the user experience (UX) design and usability of the website.

It involves examining factors like page load times, mobile responsiveness, layout, and the overall visual appeal.

Content Analysis
The quality and relevance of the website’s content are evaluated. This includes analysing the performance of individual pages, identifying high-performing content, and identifying areas where content could be improved or expanded.

Identifying Opportunities and Challenges
Based on the analysis and data collected, specific opportunities for improvement are identified.

These could range from optimising landing pages, or building them in the first place, to reduce friction in the conversion process, or refining the user journey.

Strategy Development
Building on the insights gathered, a strategy is developed to address the identified opportunities and challenges.

This strategy might include recommendations for UX improvements, content updates and additions, A/B testing, SEO enhancements, advertising, and more.

Actionable Recommendations
The session concludes with a set of actionable recommendations that the website’s owners can implement to enhance its performance and user experience.

These recommendations are typically prioritised based on their potential impact.

In essence, our Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Sessions are aimed at leveraging data-driven insights to optimise a website’s performance, enhance user experience, and ultimately achieve business objectives.

Note that some of the above data is optional and will typically require access to Google Analytics and other accounts.

*Denotes optional instances where we may require access to your analytics account and/or other accounts to find data.

What you’ll receive

  • The data and insights. We’ll provide you with a digestible copy (PDF) of the information gathered per your Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Session.
  • Understanding and education. Interpreting website analytics is no easy feat, we totally understand that. We’ll provide you with the help and support needed to understand the data and make decisions for your business.
  • Support. We provide time to answer your questions and explain it all at a time channel of your convenience. To us, building relationships through real support is the most important part.

Cost: $750

(*inc GST)

Get Started
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More information - FAQs

This depends on a few factors such as your availability, the size and complexity of your website and your business goals.

Most Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Sessions take a few weeks to complete.

This can depend on the size and complexity of each of your websites.

Our Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Session is designed for one website.

A fee may be applicable depending on the requirements of additional websites. This can happen when a business has multiple subsidiary companies for example.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

No problem, we help clients in this position every day.

A key part of a Full Website Analytics Deep Dive & Strategy Session is support which includes education and explanations in plain English.

You can expect the time with our team needed to make the right decisions for your business.

Yes, we’ll need to know which website(s) are to be included in the analysis, and have a brief discussion with you to go over your aims and objectives.

As per the data, we may need some permissions from you (this will be discussed prior to commencement), however, most data we can find with our range of comprehensive tools.

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