Q1 Webinar: Navigating The Lucrative World of Google Ads

Published on 23 January 2024
by HeartBeat Digital Marketing
Google Ads can seem like an expensive ocean of confusion, yet so lucrative for other businesses. This webinar covers everything to help you be the latter.
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Navigating The Lucrative World of Google Ads

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About this webinar (21 March, 3pm AEDT)

Google Ads proves lucrative for many businesses, often extremely lucrative—we’re talking well over 100% ROI in many cases.

However, with its suite of tools and ocean of nuances, Google Ads is no set-and-forget mouse click.

So how can it work for your business?

Join us and learn:

● The basics and how Google Ads works
● Case studies
● Strategies in practice
● Common questions answered (inc. the dollars)
● Implementation

Presented by HeartBeat Digital’s Mick Carney.

When: 21 March, 3pm – 4pm AEDT

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