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Published on 25 August 2023
by HeartBeat Digital Marketing
Is content still king? If so, what's the point of it and how do businesses benefit from videos, blogs and web pages today? We find out.
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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “content is king”, but is that still the case today?

We find out and explain

  • Is content still relevant?
  • Content on websites
  • The benefits of content for businesses
  • A blog post in action

FYI, that famous phrase, “content is king”, was coined by none other than Microsoft founder Bill Gates back in January 1996, when he titled an essay as such.

Content means media, resources, and information created by a business for its website.

The purpose of online content is to attract audiences to a website and ultimately increase sales.

This content can be

  • Videos and images
  • Social media posts
  • Explanations and blog articles
  • Products and service pages
  • How-to guides
  • User generated content like reviews
  • And much more

But 1996 was ages ago, is content still relevant for businesses today?

Yes, it is.

At HeartBeat Digital, we consistently see our clients benefitting from updated and new content creation.

That benefit translates into more customers due to varied content touching a larger range of points online. These points act as paths to a website.

More clicks from more appearances in search results (on search engines like Google and social media) from more content available—that’s the gist of it.

In other words, a larger range of varied content appeals to more people online, attaching more prospective customers to a website, ultimately meaning more revenue.

Using content on websites

Content on websites means products and service pages, team or ‘about’ pages and news and/or explanations like a blog section.

The diagram below shows two different websites, the top being an off-the-shelfer with only minimal pages. From top down, think of a GP clinic website.

For example: Homepage > Women’s Health (second row) > Cervical Screenings (third row).

The bottom, larger diagram is an example of a more lucrative website with pages and articles backing its offering. You can see how this website would be more findable and cover more searches online.

Website comparison diagram


As far as blogs go, many are deterred by the name. Blog. It does sound “early 2000s”, but think of them more as news articles or explainer posts that complement a business’s offering.

Today’s blogs offer some clear benefits

  • Content for social media (ie, you’d make a post linking to a blog)
  • EDM and newsletter content
  • Depending on the content, somewhere to direct specific online ads to
  • Clicks through to a website via organic searches (like Google)
  • Support and legitimacy around a business’s offering

Our analytics show big numbers of traffic to blog articles, with many clicks through to other pages of websites from links within blogs.

That means customers.

The benefits of content for businesses

Creating online content can offer a number of other benefits, and that’s in addition to what we’ve mentioned above.

Cost-effective marketing
Compared to traditional advertising methods, producing online content is often much more cost effective.

It allows businesses to reach a broader audience without the high expenses associated with traditional marketing campaigns.

Engagement and interaction
Interactive content like blog posts, videos, and social media posts can promote engagement with audiences and ideally prospective customers.

This interaction helps build a loyal customer base and can allow you to address customer inquiries and feedback directly.

You can also showcase your customer service in front of a large audience.

Demonstration of expertise
Creating valuable and informative content positions your business as industry experts and a trusted go-to per your offering.

Sharing insights and knowledge can help establish trust with customers and attract those seeking expert guidance.

Targeted audience reach
Online content can be tailored to specific demographics, ensuring that the right audience sees the content. This targeted approach can lead to higher conversion rates and better returns on investment.

Consistently producing quality online content boosts search engine visibility. Optimising content with relevant keywords can improve organic search rankings, driving more traffic to your website.

Showcasing products and services
Online content provides a platform for showcasing products and services in depth. Videos, infographics, and detailed descriptions can effectively communicate the value.

Flexibility and adaptability
Online content can be easily updated or modified to reflect changes in the business, industry trends, or customer preferences, ensuring that your online presence remains relevant and up-to-date.

Data analytics
Digital platforms offer tools to track the performance of online content. You can analyse metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates, and conversion rates to refine their content strategy and make informed business decisions.

Storytelling and brand identity
Online content allows you to tell a unique story, building a relatable brand identity that resonates with customers on a personal level.

Social media is perfect for this.

Example: a blog post (article) in action

Imagine a small fitness studio in an urban area. The studio specialises in personalised training programs and classes for local busy professionals.

To target their audience, the fitness studio creates a blog post, ‘10 Quick and Effective Workouts for Busy Professionals’.

This is an example of targeted audience reach.

Audience: Busy professionals looking for efficient workout solutions.

Content Strategy:

Relevance: The topic addresses the challenges faced by the target audience (minimal time for exercise).

Value: The article offers practical, time-efficient workout routines that can be incorporated into a busy schedule.

Language and tone: The content would use relatable language and a motivational tone that resonates with the audience.

Local context: The article would mention the studio’s location and how it understands the urban lifestyle, reinforcing its understanding of the audience’s needs.

SEO: The content is optimised with keywords such as “quick workouts” to ensure it appears in relevant search results.

Social sharing: Management could promote the blog post on social media platforms, using relevant hashtags and engaging images to capture the attention of the target audience.

Call to action: The content would conclude with a call to action (button or link), inviting readers to visit the studio’s website for more information.

Ideal results:

  • The targeted approach gains traction among its intended audience
  • Busy professionals searching for time-efficient workout solutions discover the post through online searches and social media shares
  • Website traffic increases, and some visitors sign up for trial classes or inquire about personalised training plans

By catering to the specific needs and challenges of their target audience, the fitness studio successfully engages potential clients and establishes itself as a valuable resource in the fitness space.

Attracting customers with content in summary

For many businesses, creating content is often more expensive in time than dollars, which can be tough for those with limited resources.

However, the power of content can’t be underestimated when it comes to attracting and engaging customers.

Crafting compelling content that resonates with your target audience is a cornerstone of successful online presence.

Enlisting the expertise of professionals means content that not only captures attention but also drives meaningful connections and conversions.

Digital marketers help businesses take significant steps toward building a strong brand, fostering customer loyalty, and achieving your business goals.

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