Client Success: Clarendon Medical

Digital Marketing Investment Pays For Itself In a Month

Goal 1 Build a fantastic online presence

Solution: A new, modern website allowing for analytics and advertising campaigns


  • New website users over Q4 2023: Up 29.2%
  • 58.7% organic traffic increase in Q4, 2023

Goal 2 Fill the schedule book for niche services

Solution: Top-performing landing pages (web pages for advertising)


  • 8.73% Conversion Rate (industry benchmark 8.4%)
  • CTR: 9.14% (industry average 6.44%)

Goal 3 Cost effective digital marketing and ROI

Solution: Expert tailored Google Ads with tracking & analytics


  • CPC over $2 less than industry benchmark
  • Client confirmed “total digital marketing cost paid for itself within the first month alone”


  • Data and analytics tracking in a simple and accessible way
  • Community and local region awareness of their expertise and services, especially MIT
  • The big one: More patients through the doors

South Melbourne based Clarendon Medical provides high-quality, friendly care to thousands in the area. Today, their skills are sought and valued by everyone from young kids and families, to adults and seniors.

Their skills cover a wide range of healthcare services, including the specialist niche, MIT.

MIT, or Medical Intravenous Therapy, is a safe, rapid and effective way to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and medications directly into the bloodstream. Iron and vitamin infusions are examples of ways MIT can help those who require it.

Of course, the MIT bookings didn’t fill from day one.

After staff training and equipment investments in winter 2023, Clarendon Medical saw the need to spread the word about MIT services.

Clarendon website layered

Mid 2023, the time for growth

Ironically, Dr Goh became aware of HeartBeat Digital through one of his patients; Owner and Founder, Lachlan McPherson.

Up until this time, the practice had mainly served a small yet consistent group of regulars and their families.

Although pleasing to see familiar faces through the doors, Medical Director Dr Melvin Goh set his sights on new patient growth.

“Several of our expert services were not well known to the community, which meant they were going unused by people who could benefit from them” says Dr Goh.

“The team and I knew that to grow, we needed to raise awareness and position ourselves as a choice for niche services as well as general GP care.”

It’s at this point that Dr Goh and his team enlisted the help of HeartBeat Digital.

Ironically, Dr Goh became aware of HeartBeat Digital through one of his patients; Owner and Founder, Lachlan McPherson.

Upon the request, Lachlan knew Clarendon Medical would be on a winner with digital marketing efforts.

“I’ve been a patient of theirs for a while now, and know from personal experience that their service and expertise are really top notch—that’s a great starting point.”

After a deep dive into Clarendon Medical’s online presence at the time, and a few coffees, HeartBeat Digital concluded that the practice needed a new website first and foremost.

This was for a few reasons:

  • Modernise to suit all devices and user expectations
  • A solid, flexible foundation to build upon (old websites are notoriously glitchy when adding new features)
  • Accurate data and analytics, a key ingredient of ROI and something we prioritise
Team designing a website

👉 HeartBeat Digital offers a customisable suite of digital marketing solutions, including:

All come with analytics and simple-to-digest reporting, and all can be dialled up or down to suit needs and budgets, things that make digital marketing extremely lucrative, as was the case for Clarendon Medical.

New website implementation

“The new website makes use of white space, large icons and a simple menu... It keeps things uncluttered and clean, reflecting the practice itself.”

With an expanding range of services and awareness goals, Digital Marketing Lead, Mick Carney took the reins in building out Clarendon Medical’s new website.

“Our team has decades of collective experience in website development for the healthcare industry, so the ‘how’ was something we could easily satisfy.

“Finding the ‘what’, however, took some collaboration with the client”.

The ‘what’ that Mick refers to is the content, flow and general aims of the website.

Some clients prefer clicks to bookings, others prefer educational content to position their businesses in certain ways and others still may want to prioritise certain services, staff/doctors or products. Then there are some who prefer to leave it all to the professionals.

Couple that with branding, colours, imagery and language tone and you can see that no two websites are the same, or at least they shouldn’t be.

The final Clarendon Medical design showcases the clinic as clean, calm, and easy to navigate and understand.

To accomplish this, Mick prioritised a few key points;

“The new website makes use of white space, large icons and a simple menu.

“This is important to set a tone for both visitors and future development, it keeps things uncluttered and clean, reflecting the practice itself.”

Clarendon Medical home graphic

The website received positive feedback

“I was really pleased with the offline final draft,” says Dr Goh.

“The team and I had a look through it and quickly confirmed that it was the right direction forward.”

Clarendon Medical‘s new website went live in August, 2023.

But there was more to be done (and gained)

Namely a landing page.

A landing page is a web page built for online ads to click through to. In other words, when someone clicks on an online ad, they’re typically taken to a landing page.

A landing page’s job is to:

  • Relate to an ad through content. Ads may be for a specific products or services or offer discounts, and the landing page must reflect that
  • Convert clicks to revenue. This primary goal means encouraging people to make a purchase, book an appointment or take a desired action.

“The new website almost immediately started gaining traction, as was evident in the data that we saw.

“However, we still wanted to get more people booking MIT services”. Says Dr Goh.

This is where Google Ads came into the picture.

Google Ads can seem like an ocean of technical nuances, and in many ways, it is. Erring on the side of caution is a wise approach to avoid over spending on underperforming ads.

Professionals can help, as was proven for Clarendon Medical.

Mick again took up the job of creating a landing page for MIT services, while Ian Morrrison, HeartBeat Digital’s online advertising expert, crafted the ads.

“To get the most out of Google Ads, which is the platform we used in Clarendon Medical’s case, we researched some key metrics.” Explains Ian.

“Things like competitor analysis and keyword research, including costs, are Google Ads 1-0-1, but in this case, a lot of time was spent on target audience, copy and creatives, and budget allocation.”

Considerable tinkering was required for Clarendon Medical as this was their first step into the world of online advertising and the first time their new website and landing page was to receive paid traffic.


Google Ads over four months:

The new website also had a positive impact on SEO:

  • 29.2% increase in new website users over Q4 2023
  • 36.3% increase in service page clicks in the same period
  • 58.7% increase in organic traffic from first signing with HBD to time of writing
  • Google results page 1 ranking for numerous lucrative terms

If your business could benefit from professional digital marketing and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your online presence is in the hands of experts, get in touch with us.

In summary

“To our delight, the digital marketing efforts with HeartBeat Digital paid for themselves in the first month alone,” confirms Dr Goh.

There are many reasons why Clarendon Medical’s website, landing page and online advertising have worked so well, but two in particular stand out.

The first being data optimisation and prioritisation. With Clarendon Medical’s agreement, data optimisation and prioritisation were – are – of key importance, as was making decisions based on the numbers.

The second was collaboration. The two teams, HeartBeat Digital and the client worked closely when navigating the right paths by ensuring communication, no matter the channel, was always utilised.

The road ahead is looking very well-paved, something owed to a great foundation.

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