Client Success: Green Dispensary Compounding

What it rains, it pours: Green Dispensary Compounding sees 17x increase in online scripts

From 30 online prescriptions a month to over 550.

Green Dispensary Compounding are no newcomers to natural pharmaceutical products but, until they shook hands with Heartbeat Digital, they were relative newcomers to the digital marketing space.

Here’s how, through the power of an optimised online presence, this South Australian compounding pharmacy went from servicing a local but loyal client base to delivering premium-grade compounded medicines Australia-wide.

The gist in 30 seconds

  • Green Dispensary Compounding offer fantastic products, but those outside homebase Adelaide weren’t aware, despite being in need (that’s all changed now)
  • Although experts in their craft of compounding medicine, Green Dispensary Compounding found navigating the ocean of SEO and online advertising a tough pill to swallow
  • With Heartbeat Digital by their side, the two teams came up with a plan for strategic use of Google Ads and SEO backed by a modernised website and user portals
  • Results include a massive 17x on scripts plus shipping to all corners of the country
Green Dispensary compounding screen

The situation

Online medical services provide the ability to fill scripts from the comfort of our own devices, to-the-door delivery AND access to an almost infinite range.

It’s these benefits that Green Dispensary Compounding wanted to bring to the Australian population, things that would help so many different people with so many different ailments throughout the country.

Supplying medical professionals with patient-ready compounded products could even cut out the step of ordering, should a diagnosis call for it.

“We’d had the vision of helping remote communities and regions of the country far from Adelaide,” comments National Business Manager, Carmen.

“After seeing fantastic and often touching results from our local clients, we were determined to turn that vision into reality.”

The problem

The goal was clear; offer compounded medicines to Australians who need them (there are many, as has been proven).

But one lingering question remained—how?

Make no mistake
Green Dispensary Compounding is a sophisticated organisation with modern compounding facilities and equipment, technical data and specifications per Australian governing bodies, including state health departments, and decades of experience.

But successful digital marketing was a whole new ballgame
Navigating the ocean of SEO with its coding, meta text, schema markups and other complexities while implementing a cost-effective, targeted Google Ads strategy weren’t things the Green Dispensary Compounding team could simply “turn on, set and forget”.

In fact, Google Ads, just one of the many online advertising platforms, requires;

  • Competitor analysis
  • Understanding (learning) of how, why and where audiences are online
  • Keyword research, analysis and targeting

And that’s just scratching the surface.

So, how does a business built on one area of expertise, compounded medicines, become experts in this whole new arena?

They don’t. They enlist the help of third-party experts, just like their clients do when it comes to medical needs.

The partnership

Green Dispensary Compounding got in contact with the Heartbeat Digital team, and after their free consultation and website analysis, discovered some simple-but-necessary fixes and quick wins.

As Carmen confirms, the insight and explanation were of high value.

“It was a real eye opener.

“We didn’t realise we had broken links and competing pages, luckily Mick from Heartbeat was able to fix them straight away.

“There were also a number of things needed to get our website ranking higher on Google, things we hadn’t done before.”

After shaking hands, Green Dispensary Compounding and Heartbeat Digital sat down to nut out a plan of attack with the latter drilling down on further technical analysis including;

  • Website traffic per location, demographic and acquisition (how people come to a website)
  • Keyword and search term volumes and competition
  • Page authority and keyword opportunities
Above: an example of a social media posts produced for Green Dispensary Compounding

The plan

With the original goal of offering compounded medicines Australia wide clearly defined, the Heartbeat Digital team concluded that a targeted Google Ads strategy for the immediate term backed by SEO for the midterm was the way to go.

The Google Ads part would cover both display ads and search ads.

Display ads contain images, audio and/or video and are displayed on third-party websites, whereas search ads appear at the top of search engine results pages and are text. To be successful, both types need to be shown to the right people at the right time.

This two-pronged approach needed a strong base

Both the ads prong and SEO prong required a modern, fast-functioning website with secure doctor and patient order portals.

Our team completely overhauled Green Dispensary Compounding’s website, with low-performing and out-of-date pages culled, interactive elements, like buttons and forms modernised and repositioned and importantly, the doctor and patient portals built.

In essence, the customer flow was:

GDC online flow chart

The results

“We were astounded by the sheer increase in scripts with Heartbeat Digital,”

“We actually considered dialling down the ads as we hit full capacity at one stage; that also signalled expansion could be an option.

“A big standout for me was seeing the shipping locations—Cairns, Darwin, Tasmania are just a few that come to mind, all places we were hoping to reach.”

says Carmen.

The numbers over 12 months with Heartbeat Digital (first 6 months compared to last 6 months):


Website Traffic

Online Advertising

The future

Short of using cliches like, ‘the stars are aligned’ for Green Dispensary Compounding, the pharmacy is on its way to cementing themselves as a trusted first thought for many Aussies when it comes to compounded medicine needs.

The Green Dispensary Compounding team and our team worked closely together to achieve these amazing results, with many stemming from Zoom brainstorming sessions and regular check-ins.

Crafting product support pages threaded with long-term SEO techniques, a strengthened social media presence and online community engagement are all part of the rest of the journey.

As both teams have often commented: the real excitement is still ahead!

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