Client Success: Business Solar

Exceeding Expectations With 430 Qualified Leads—Here’s How We Did It

A highly competitive market with stiff competition. It’s something almost all businesses deal with.

And it’s certainly the case for Business Solar.

The commercial solar panel and setup provider competes with the nearly 7,500 solar panel installation businesses operating in Australia (as of March 2023), so standing out from the crowd and generating qualified leads are things of utmost importance.

With energy costs rising – massively, to most consumers’ horror – the demand for solar installations has only increased, as has the competition.

Lead generation limitations

Business Solar are experts at what they do, installing solar panels into and onto commercial property Australia wide, but digital marketing, optimising an online presence and monitoring the analytics aren’t in the toolbox.

Knowing that online sources are ripe for lead generation, Business Solar decided that this was the ocean to tap into.

They also decided, wisely, that digital marketing is best left to digital marketers just like installing complex high-voltage solar arrays are most certainly best left to solar electricians.

So, the Business Solar team found themselves in an all too familiar predicament:

‘We want leads, brand awareness and ultimately growth, through digital channels, but we don’t have the time, know-how or expertise to make it work.’

The ‘post it and they’ll come’ technique doesn’t work

When some businesses hit the above mentioned predicament, they often just ramp up and churn out social media posts and website content without connecting analytics tools, advertising platforms or employing SEO and design methods.

Some don’t even track traffic, clicks and conversions—fundamentals of digital marketing.

But not Business Solar. They got in touch with HeartBeat Digital

After their initial consultation, Business Solar and HeartBeat Digital together came up with the plan of developing a ‘mini’ website, i.e., an extended web page containing all information prospects might need.

Digital Marketing Lead and Web Designer, Mick Carney implemented what are called anchor links, aka jump links, page jump, which take visitors to a specific part of a web page, rather than a totally different page.

Along with modern design techniques to ensure fast load times with traffic and event monitoring, this meant a ready-to-go website online in a very short period of time.

FYI, we say ‘Business Solar and HeartBeat Digital together’ because we pride ourselves on establishing and building relationships.

Refine, refine, refine

With the ‘mini’ website fully operational, HeartBeat Digital’s online ads expert, Ian Morrison, was able to set up and trigger numerous advertising campaigns.

Online ads can cover:

  • Display ads (shown on 3rd-party websites)
  • Search ads (appearing in search results pages, e.g. Google)
  • Social media advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting ads (displayed to individuals who previously visited a website or engaged with a social channel)

That’s just a few of the many avenues.

With Business Solar’s website and ad strategy crafted, the HeartBeat Digital team set about refining ad content, ad location (geographical and digital), display times and the website layout, content and operation.

This refinement is based on data and trends from online analytics.

A good analytics setup can display anything from click through rates and device (iPhone, Samsung, tablet, desktop, etc) to user behaviour like time on page, scroll depth and even mouse cursor heat maps.


430 Qualified Leads

The biggest standout from the 12-month tally was the qualified leads, Business Solar’s digital marketing bullseye—with 430 qualified leads.

Other numbers after the first 12 months with HeartBeat Digital:

In other words, $50k of ads (over 12 months) + a new website = $25 million in total proposal value, not a bad ROI in anyone’s books.

Confirmed by both the reports and feedback from Business Solar, the results exceeded expectations, especially considering the highly competitive market that commercial solar power is.

If your business could benefit from professional digital marketing and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your online presence is in the hands of experts, get in touch with us.

In summary

Business Solar, like so many other businesses out there, operates in a highly competitive arena that sees considerable demand from consumers.

Seeing the huge potential that digital marketing and online channels offer, they naturally wanted to tap in.

The problems? Expertise and time

Building websites that offer a great user experience, and convert as much as possible, with the right mechanics to ensure fast load speeds and secure forms and analytics along with technical SEO require a fair chunk of expertise and time.

Business Solar partnered with HeartBeat Digital, a solution to the expertise and time problem, and the results speak for themselves.

Throughout this journey, Business Solar management collaborated very closely with HeartBeat Digital to exchange ideas, discuss refinements and pore over data.

Stay tuned, the really big numbers are just over the horizon!

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